Accounting / payroll

Properly led accounting has to entrepreneurs increasing importance. Analysis led up to the proper accounting provide quality and for business essential data, indicators and information to the leadership, companies owners and individuals doing business. Our company provides that correctly and operatively.


Auditing profession is in the Slovak Republic established by Act no. 540/2007 of the Laws in force from 1/1/2008. Obligation to have audited financial statements as well as the range of entities involved, provides Accounting Act 431/2002. The audit of financial statements is performed by our company since 1995. We are fully accountable for our work and insured in two leading insurance companies.

The power of team

We are the team people who are interested in the profession and strive to provide the client with timely and correct information, which are key to the company’s management decisions. We are a stable, qualified and responsible team. The correct solution to your problems is our reward and everyday aim.


Bookkeeping is carried out externally, ie. the documents are processed at the seat of our company monthly or quarterly, as required by our clients.

Bookkeeping processing and reporting are done in accordance with the laws valid in the Slovak Republic and with the possibility of transformation in accordance with international accounting standards.

Programme POHODA is used for running the accounting. This programme can follow ledgers, fixed assets, process wages. All subsystems are interconnected and the outputs can be send to the client by e-mail. Accounting documents can be archived by us till the end of the administrative year and declaration on income tax.

The scope of our work in conducting economic agenda is:

  • management of wage and human resources
  • processing of accounting documents, transfer output reports under the Act in print or electronic form
  • processing reports of VAT reports for payroll tax, reports, statements for insurance, road tax, statistics, Intrastat.
  • ensuring electronic communication with the tax office and customs, based on your power of attorney. This process saves a lot of time to our customers.
  • preparation of the year-end shutter, on-demand version of the analysis.
  • preparation of business plans necessary for leasings, credits, etc.
  • representation at possible inspections from the side of the revenue authority, social insurance company, health insurance company, etc.
  • other services and advice based on what life and business will bring!


Audit is a summary of inspections carried out to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement.

Audit work is performed in accordance with International Standards on Auditing.

Scope of the audit:

  • audit of the financial statements of the individual entities
  • audit of the consolidated financial statements
  • checking accounts (due diligence)

An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles and significant estimates made by management as well as evaluation of presentation the overall financial statement. During the audit we note your employees to any errors or deficiencies in accounting or in other subsystems linked to the accounting.

We perform the audit work based on the contract in the form of continuous control in the company, email correspondence (questions – answers) as well as telephone solution of urgent problems and we provide assistance in preparing the financial statements. Reviewed will be the accounting system, accounting software and accounting procedures so as to be in line with the Accounting Act and requirements of the management.

These activities should be pursued always by the time of filing the income tax return for the current year so that audit means “benefits” and not “obligation” for the company. The auditor’s report and financial analysis shall be submitted within one month after this date.


Even if you aren’t our regular customer, we will help you solve problems, which you can not solve on your own, or which you do not face every day. We offer you to use our knowledge and experience gained from many years of business in the economic field.

Our consulting activity is focused on:

  • the correct interpretation of the application of laws relating to accounting, auditing, human resources, VAT and other standards operating in the economic field.
  • we will help you establish a new company
  • we implement merger or a division of company
  • we design various contracts: purchase-sale, transfer of real estate, brokerage, mandates and other
  • we elaborate business plans as documents for the loan acquisition
  • we perform financial analysis