Our activities are focused on

delivering economic services (audit, keeping of accounts and payroll, human resources of companies, economic consulting, execution of business plans, start-ups, mediation of trade and others).

We have been providing these services since 1992, the authorization for audit work we have since 1995. Our current portfolio consists of more than 200 companies for which we process accounting, human resources and payroll. Another part of our portfolio is a financial statements audit. We also cooperate with tax advisers, lawyers, translators and other professionals from different fields. We communicate in English, German and Romanian.

Our goal is to provide you all the information of the correct economic behavior in accordance with applicable legislation. We relieve you from worries about bookkeeping, reporting, and everything else that is associated with it, to provide you with the necessary documents to managing your business. The most important thing for us is to give you the assurance that your Accounting is transparent, correct, free from material misstatement and can provide you all necessary data in real-time for your business decisions, and which stands at various inspections by state and other eligible institutions.

“The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.”

Ing. Nicoleta Zelenick√°